Deborah J. Carmichael

Deborah J. Carmichael has been with VCM since 1997 and has an associates degree in Early Childhood and an associates in Public Service from Midlands Technical College. She enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren and her husband. Deborah says, “My job at Tender Years is to prepare and mold the minds of young children. Working with children is a wealth of vitality and brings out the best in me!”

Naomi Exum

Naomi Exum has been with VCM since March 2020 and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development from Voorhees College. She enjoys working with children and believes that children learn through play. She allows children to learn by providing opportunities for children to discover, explore, create and imagine.

Emeral Franklin

My name is Ms. Emeral Franklin, and I am a first-year teacher here with Vital Connections of the Midlands at Tender Years. I am the teacher that’s “CRUMP.”C CREATIVE R RADIANT U UNDERSTANDING M MOTIVATED P PASSIONATE. I’ve work at a Psychiatric Treatment Facility for 4 years and then I became a Program Manager at an all-boy’s Group Home working with behavior modification. Later I started working with students at a Middle School as a permeant Substitute Teacher. Fun Fact: I am a mother of 3: Brian-13, Carson-7 and Bella-1 My passion has always been to work with children and help them evolve from toddlers and into their adulthood. The time for learning starts now and I am the teacher with the “Crump” that will meet the children where they are; to get them to where they should be. Learning starts at a small age and if I can help develop milestones now, I would leave a mark for a lifetime.                  I am Emeral

LaTasha Green

LaTasha Green has been with VCM for four years. She started as a substitute teacher for Tender Years before her promotion to full-time kitchen staff and floater. She has two children and they both attend Tender Years.

Candice George

Candice George has been working professionally in childcare since 2016.Watching them learn so many new skills and abilities over a short period of time, fed my desire to be a part of the most important years if their life. I earned my Associates degree in Early Childhood Education in 2021 and intend to pursue further education at Columbia College.”

Vicki Houlis

Vicki Houlis has been with VCM since 2014 and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Columbia College and an associates degree in Early Childcare and Education from Midlands Technical College. She is very involved with her church, and enjoys attending early childhood conferences which gives her ideas for the classrooms and helps her grow as a teacher. Vicki says, “I have always enjoyed being around children and watching them learn and grow, and I have learned so much from being a teacher here at Tender Years!”

Bridgett Jones

Bridgett Jones has been with VCM since 2015 and is a permanent floating teacher at Tender Years. She is the proud mother of two boys and she really enjoys helping and being a part of children’s growth.

Lou Shiver

Lou Shiver is a teacher with vital connections of the Midlands EHS located at Tender Years. She has been employed at VCMEHS since 2003. She is currently a teacher in the Coral room. She have degrees in ECE and Human Services. She have a love for nurturing and helping children to become independent and not afraid of challenges through love and interactions. She love listening to and enhancing the language skills of each child. They must feel that they have your undivided attention because what they have to say is very important, even if we don’t fully understand what they are saying. Seeing young children thrive and be curious about their environment is the driving force in what she do. She is thankful for the opportunity to work with the children in the EHS program.

Tameka Hill-Smith

My name is Tameka Smith- Hill, a mother of two children and married to Mark Hill. I’m the President of

Parents Overseeing Planted Seeds. I’m also affiliated with other organizations like Heart-to-Heart Outreach 1 a nonprofit organization dealing with the community and I’m also the President of the Young Adult Ministry at St Matthew First Baptist Church. I’m form employed at Victory Learning Academy as the Director. I ‘ve been working with children over 25years. I have a passion working with children. I’m a Leader, Mentor, and many more in my field of work. I believe in if we can Reach One, we can Teach One. Philippians 4:13 1 can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.